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Noelle Blair

Noelle has been training in the Grand Valley for over 30 years. She started when she got her first Rottweiler puppy and knew right away she had adopted a dog who was smarter than she was. Dragon understood English better than Noelle understood "Doglish".

Noelle and Dragon bumbled their way through classes. Between the two of them, they managed to help other dog owners who were also struggling. Dragon was a special dog who taught Noelle so much.  Her biggest lesson? If you have a good relationship with your dog, the "tricks" will come.


There are hundreds of dog obedience training programs and philosophies. To make matters worse, they all seem to contradict each other. One gives treats for everything while another insists too many treats will turn your dog into one who only works when food is around. Even more confusing to the dog owner is that each opposing program seems to be successful to some degree. Using treats may teach your dog to sit and stay just as well as a no treat approach, but they will both be lacking when it comes to overall obedience.

Training at Pawsitive Directions isn't about correcting your dog for behaviors you don't like. It is about learning how your dog thinks and why they do the things they do. It is about rewarding the positive and redirecting problem behaviors. 

While many dog training classes and approaches will teach your pup how to obey you at home, our tried and true obedience training method works every time, in any environment. 


That’s what sets us apart from the others. 

I feel that having a balanced training approach is important. When working with dogs and their humans, each case is different and needs its own unique approach. Not every method, technique, or type of equipment is right for all dogs. Understanding what collar to use, when to praise, when to use treats as well as not being afraid to tell your dog "No" are all important parts of training and communicating with your dog. We don't believe in corporal punishment or being heavy handed. We also don't believe that you need to turn yourself into a human cookie jar and have treats on your body at all times when you are training.


I believe in using a minimal amount of effort to create maximum results. Life is a series of choices for both humans and dogs. Our job is to help you easily and naturally guide your dog into making the right choices. To show them that correct choices are more rewarding. 


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