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Drop In Classes

Yappy Hour

Come bring your dog-friendly dog and play with us in a safe, climate-controlled environment.

Problem Solving

Come learn how to fix a specific issue rather than taking a whole class for one issue. $30.


Come learn how to show your dog! Everything from gaiting to stacking to how to effectively use bait and so much more.


Rally course practice.

Nose Work

Work on the skills you developed in the Nose Work One Class.

Beyond Manners

Do you love working with your dog? Can your dog heel, sit and stay? You are gonna love this class! Each week is something different. We practice all the basic skills you need to have regardless of whether your goal is a perfect score at the next Rally or Obedience Trial, or you just enjoy working with your dog. We use games to increase skills such as focus, coming when called, heeling on and off leash and so much. Never the same thing twice. Not sure if you and your dog are ready? Come and give it a try. 

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