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Beginner Classes

Star Puppy

STAR Puppy is meant to help you easily navigate through that important first year.  We will cover all of the basic commands every dog should know in a way that is natural, easy and fun. Imagine being able to competently train your puppy to stop jumping on company. To come when you call. To mind you the first time you give a command. We offer this class on either Saturday or Wednesday. This class meets once a week for 6 weeks. We even go on a field trip to practice puppy manners in public! You can expect weekly homework assignments. Written materials are also passed out each week to help you and your puppy conveniently recall each lesson in greater detail.  If you have a new puppy in your life this class is a must!

Manners 1

Manners 1 is the most comprehensive foundational class in town. When your dog can easily focus on you they are naturally better equipped to mind you. When you have a dog who is able to understand commands and appropriately respond, you will effortlessly be able to included them all your activities. Our techniques are tried and true. Imagine being able to effortlessly and naturally control your dog. The benefits of this class are unlimited. Manners 1 is fun, full of great tips and focuses on your dog’s ability to take direction. This class is taught on either Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings. If you have a dog over 8 months, then this one is for you. You can expect weekly homework assignments including written materials detailing each class expectation. Practice during the week is a must and typically takes 5 to 10 minutes a day.

Trick Dog

This is a fun 4 week class designed to help you and your dog build confidence, learn lots of new tricks and have the opportunity at the end to get the new AKC Trick Dog title. Your dog does not need to be purebred to get this title!

This is a fun 4 week class to introduce the Barn Hunt concepts and hunting techniques. Students will have the option to schedle additional practice sessions during the week. Your dog does not need to be purebred to get this title!

Nose Work

We will introduce your dog to the fun game of finding different scents. I have yet to meet a dog who doesn't love this game! We will begin with boxes and treats and then add scent and other obstacles all in 4 short weeks! Let your dog take the lead on this one and show where the stuff is hidden. Great for dogs that don't play well with others, dog's that need to build confidence or just need something different to do. Come learn all about your dog's most fundamental ability. Class size is strictly limited to 5 dog/handler teams and fills up quickly. 

Conditioning & Confidence Building

This is for dogs of all ages. If you have a canine athlete, a couch potato or a new puppy that hasn't quite figured out where to put its feet, this class is for you. You and your dog will learn body awareness, how to prevent injury and gain confidence, stamina and build core strength while you have a great time! 

Competition Foundations

This class is for people interested in building a solid working foundation for competition. Pace will be slower to set good foundations for each behavior. No experience necessary. Focus will be on teaching perfection through games and play. Must have a desire to train the dog for competitive level obedience and rally behaviors. Class is 4 weeks long.

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